Groups & Classes

Real community and connection happening in smaller settings as we live life together through different ways during the week.

How are they different?


  • Continuous
  • An opportunity for people to connect as a community
  • May be centered around similar interests, goals, or life stage
  • Could involve coming together for meals, or deciding on a passage to read together


  • Clear start and stop time
  • Usually involving a specific subject matter, like:
    • Bible study
    • New to Crossroads
    • Parenting
    • and more!

Where should I start?


Community Groups

There are new people attending church each week, and it takes intentionality to make friends and find community in a larger church. Community Groups are designed to help people find community in the family of God. The purpose is solely to build connection with others at Crossroads through eating together, praying together, and diving deeper together.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship is the process of growing in the character and competency of Jesus. These groups are centered around learning how we can become more like Jesus and do the things He did, as well as learning how to hear God’s voice and respond in faith.


Discover Crossroads

If you’re new to Crossroads, this is the place to start! Come learn more about who we are as a church and staff and find out about other ways to connect and become a partner. We’re excited to meet you 🙂

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